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More “right time” questions:
What is the right time to:
    - start any business?
    - take some risks?
    - realize your dreams?
    - dream, plan and act?
    - experiment and learn?

Answer to all is NOW. There could be many such questions but no one can time the market, luck or dream. Every time I think something different than common: I hardly see people getting aligned or relating to those ideas/thoughts. I see them realizing it only after it is done or proved! This has happened with me in both personal and professional life.

You cannot time the right time – all that you can do is plan and execute! As I always say, “you plan well – you execute well”

Over a period of time, I have learned that every “wrong can be right” and every “right can potentially be wrong”. Its multidimensional and very relative/comparative. Something which is “right” for an individual need not be “right” for entire community and vice-versa. Everything cannot be decided by majority or election. So, it is ok to think different and do different.

P.S. – Very relevant 100 years old Bengali poem: “Jodi tor dak shune keu na aase, tobe ekla cholo re….” written by great Ravindranath Tagore. In English: “If no one comes along on your call, march alone…”.

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