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Never used FiddlerScript, nor had any real use for it today.  But now I see some nice possibilities.

I just finished installing Win 10 and all my software, when I saw this "feature" occur once I turned Fiddler on.

So, the fix is basically this:

...if you use Fiddler, here's a snippet to add to your OnBeforeRequest method to terminate and hide these requests.

if (oSession.oRequest.headers.HTTPMethod == "HEAD" && !"."))
    oSession.oRequest.headers.Add ("X-Chrome-Issue-47262", "true");
    oSession.oRequest.FailSession(502,"Chrome Issue 47262","is annoying");
    oSession["ui-hide"] = "true";

So after downloading FiddlerScript Editor  I put in that code.

This partially worked, getting rid of the random requests, but not the calls to Google that followed.  Since I determined no real harm was being done to me, I then added this:

if ( == "")
     oSession["ui-hide"] = "true";
I thought, "Wow, this is really powerful."  So then I gave this a try and then went to Amazon:

if (""))
     oSession["ui-bold"] = "true";
     oSession["ui-backcolor"] = "red";
     oSession["ui-color"] = "black";
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