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Here we have a series of posts wherein I’ll reminisce in detail about my computing hardware journey so far. This is a tribute some magnificent and some not so magnificent pieces of hardware that has made this short journey of 11 years so enjoyable.

Although, technically it would be more than 16 years of computing, I’ll be sticking to the Hardware I personally owned instead of classroom computers that I got to abuse as a kid.

Technology overall and computer hardware in particular was a distant dream till the late 90s and I was among the first wave of IT wannabes. Back then India was a third world country plagued with obscure import duties, a handful monopolistic vendors hell bent on making profit on stuff that was scarcely available. Living in the hinterlands was making matters worse with nary a reseller to be found when you needed something. Internet was something we'd read about and computer hardware information was limited to 2-3 month old PC Magazines we could lay our hands on at atrocious prices. This was a backdrop when I first considered buying a PC circa 1999.

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