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Been awhile since I last posted, and I apologize for that.  I hope to keep it more updated.

The Blackberry install went pretty well as far as I could help it.  The actual installation of the product went fine.  I made sure I was prepared, had the install files downloaded, read up on the procedure, documented how I was gonna go about it.  Couple of things I'd like to share just to help people who might have to do it.

1.  Read the manual carefully!  It explains all you need to do for permissions to Exchange, etc.  Very important you do so.
2.  Choose your server carefully.  Blackberry utilizes an MSDE/SQL database, so if you want to follow best practices by Microsoft, you don't want to install it on a DC, since SQL on a DC is discouraged.
3.  Watch out for the Send As permissions bug in Exchange.  Blackberry has a utility that allegedly can seek and fix permissions issues with user accounts, too.  Tried it and it didn't work.  Be aware!
4.  Don't be slick and install Java 6 thinking it will be better than Java 5 for Blackberry because it's more recent.  You gotta have Java 5.
5.  The Blackberry server needs either Exchange Admin utilities installed, OR Outlook.  DO NOT INSTALL BOTH!!!  Bad things happen!  :-)  (Exchange guys know this...)
6.  Make sure your clients do not have specialized apps for Blackberry already installed, which brings me to the snafu.

My manager never found out or didn't inform me this customer would be using Bloomberg for Blackberry.  Not only that, but the CEO was already using the app on his Blackberry.  Here's how B4B works:

Without a Blackberry Enterprise Server in your environment, the Blackberry device is the client to Bloomberg.  However, once you have a BES server, the server becomes effectively the proxy for the orgs BB devices.  So, when I set his BB device to use the internal BES server, he suddenly comes to me saying B4B isn't working anymore, although he can now get his calendar and email on his Blackberry.  At this point, he hands me a 50 page document about B4B, and said with aggitation, "I knew this would happen!"

Side note: Why do people think that if you're an IT guy, you know EVERYTHING about IT?  Apparently, he thought I would magically know everything about B4B already.

And in my defense and partly my manager, I did review the expectations and goals of what we were looking to achieve with the BES deployment.  No mention was ever made of B4B.

So I go through the documentation.  Very strange, it gave directions on how to install it, but basically said "you have to call us anyway to get a password during install, so just call us, and we'll walk you through it."  So I called, and was promptly told it would take 24 hours to get the customer into the database before we could begin installation.  CEO not happy about this of course, but what can I do at that point?

I had a conflicting scheduled appointment for the next day, so someone else went out there and did the B4B install.

So, heed the above, and try to avoid not knowing about things like B4B.


Couple of weeks ago, I got to see Nickel Creek with Fiona Apple live.  Outdoors in the heat waiting for a good 30 minutes past when they were supposed to start, and I don't do well with heat.  But I was psyched, as I love Fiona Apple.  I have this weird thing for chicks on piano, such as Tori Amos (personal fav of these), Charlotte Martin, Vanessa Carlton, Rachael Yamagata to name a few.  Never heard any Nickel Creek until the concert.  Turns out this is mainly a Nickel Creek concert, and it turns out that HOLY CRAP - THESE GUYS/GAL COULD PLAY!  Chris Thile is the lead singer and mandolinist, and this guy could shred on a mandolin, and he's a fantastic singer.  Funny guy, too.  The violinist could sing and play well, and the guitarist could play and sing exceptionally.  Fiona Apple only sang a handful of songs with them - a cover song, a few of theirs, a few of hers.  And seeing her sing is just a treat.  I knew she could sing well, but seeing her live is just amazing.  She's just an incredible, convincing singer.  As someone who sang back in the day in high school/college, I really appreciate good singers, and she's just got that bluesy thing going perfectly!  Lots of raw emotion, too.  But the true stars of that concert were Nickel Creek.  I picked up a solo Chris Thile CD called "Deceiver", as a result, as it was very progressive and all over the place stylistically, which I love and apparently every critic hates, but I do intend to pick up the Nickel Creek CD's.  If other bluegrass/country bands sounded like that, I'd be completely into that type of music.

It just doesn't get any better than that for a concert...


I had one of the best experiences of my life on Thursday.  I got to see Muse for the first time in concert.  I've seen a lot of great shows live, including Rush, Yes, Tori Amos, and of course recently SIlverchair.  These guys are in a completely different league altogether.  By far and away by a long shot the absolute best concert I've ever been to!!!  If you were to go to just one rock concert, go see Muse!!!

Phenomenal!  First off, I really respect Muse as musicians.  They write very unconventionally, and I think more bands out there should be true superb musicians like they are and do more of the electronic experimentation like they do, but not let that electronic experimentation be the only thing to the music.  As far as how much I personally like their music, I loved a little more than half of Origin of Symmetry, loved most of the Absolution, and was slightly disappointed but still liked a lot Black Holes and Revelations.  As far as bands go, I still had other bands over them at the top of my list, like Silverchair, Tool, Tori Amos, etc.  However, I just had that feeling their music would be 100000000x better live, and I've heard great things about them in concert.

Seeing them live you quickly realize you just can't capture their energy and inspiration on a CD.  It's impossible.  They may have really cool keyboards, and effects, etc., which are mixed in balanced into their CD, which makes you not think of them as a rock band as much as you'd think of say a Metallica, but they are a true rock band through and through!  Their stuff just has this raw energy live that it just takes you over.  I don't remember ever being at a concert where I stood for over an hour, feet hurting, and just not caring.  They played incredibly, changed up stuff a bit in their music to make the music more unique, and they had the stage effects to boot, complete with a three screen made of transparent mesh until graphics would come up above the stage, a raised platform for the drum set that also served as a screen, very cool CGI graphics on those screens most of the time, smoke, fog, a killer Kawai digital grand piano with a transparent top open that would light up when certain notes were played.

Bellamy was just freakish on the guitar, playing some of his very difficult solos even behind his back, which I didn't think was possible.  He also did some of his famous piano solos, such as the one in Butterflies and Hurricanes.

Our seats were perfect, too.  Not down in the mosh pit, but slightly off front and center raised just high enough to see the entire stage and not be blocked by the screens.  LOVED THIS CONCERT!!!!!!!  I will go see a Muse concert from now on every chance I possibly can! 

GO SEE THEM!!! Posted on Saturday, August 11, 2007 12:13 PM Messaging | Back to top

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This is why I prefer a pocket PC... There is only one reason I know of for the requirement of a Blackberry instead and that is the ability to wipe and disable it remotly...very handy, but how long untill pocket pc's have this feature too...
Left by Martin Hinshelwood on Aug 11, 2007 5:29 PM

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i dont like pocket pc
Left by gocompare on Apr 08, 2008 5:31 AM

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nice phun
Left by norwich union car insurans on Apr 24, 2008 2:32 PM

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This is why I prefer a pocket PC...
Hmm thanks..
Good job.
Left by travesti on Jun 07, 2008 5:07 PM

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thanks my friend
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