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I'm delighted to have my first course published on Pluralsight - Caching in the .NET Stack: Inside-out.
It's a pretty comprehensive look at caching in .NET solutions. The first half covers using local, remote and persistent cache stores inside the solution, including the .NET MemoryCache, NCache Express, AppFabric Caching, memcached, Azure Table Storage and local disk stores. The second half covers caching outside the solution in HTTP clients and proxies, and how to set up ASP.NET WebForms, MVC, Web API and WCF projects to use HTTP validation and expiration caching.
The course takes a hands-on approach, starting with a distributed solution that has no caching, analysing key points which can benefit from caching, and adding different types of cache. At the end of the course I run through a set of before and after performance tests, stressing the solution under load. Without caching and with 60 concurrent users the page response time maxes out at 18 seconds - with caching that falls to 2 seconds, so it's a huge improvement from very little effort.

I’d be glad to hear feedback if you watch the course, especially if it’s as positive as my editor’s.

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I have watched the first three modules of your PluralSight course and, despite the lack of zeds, it is very enlightening! :-). I love the metadata approach to determining the best caching technology for your needs. I also love the abstraction between the consumer and the cache implementation; very smooth and easy. Install the cache technology of desire, reference Sixeyed.Core, decorate some classes, and bob's your uncle!

Is the code in SixEyed.Core considered open source, freeware, or whatever else you'd like to call it to make it available for use in others' production systems?
Left by Dan Wagner on Jul 30, 2013 6:17 PM

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