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In working through an issue with workflow I stumbled across an interesting 'feature' of workflow and MOSS.

Essentially I have a "Project Sites" root web where I am creating child sites via a workflow:

Project Sites
          Child Site 1
                    List 1
                    List 2

In these child sites I am creating some lists and setting alerts on them based upon things that happen in the workflow.

In attempting to create an alert on a list, I received a "List does not exist" error.  In stepping through the code and inspecting all the objects everything seemed valid.  SPList is a valid list in the site, SPUser is a valid user.

I went down the path of it being a security issue because that would make sense but security was set correctly, the process account of the timer service and the iis process account is an owner of the list.   I have struggled with this for awhile before figuring it out.  I even thought this might have something to do with the fact that I just created the site from workflow so I put a delay in to dehydrate the workflow and then rehydrate it again before trying to set the alerts.

The relevant lines of code:


SPUser user = workflowproperties.Web.EnsureUser("...");
this.SetAlert(user,list,evtType,evtFreq,alertType, true);   
private void SetAlert(SPUser sPUser, SPList sPList, SPEventType eType, SPAlertFrequency frequency, SPAlertType aType, bool omitFromMe) 
    if (!HasAlert(sPUser, sPList))  
         SPAlert sPAlert = sPUser.Alerts.Add();  
         sPAlert.AlertType = aType;  
         sPAlert.Title = sPList.Title;  
         sPAlert.EventType = eType;  
         if (omitFromMe)  
             sPAlert.Filter = "<Query><Neq><Value type='string'>" + sPUser.Name + "</Value><FieldRef Name='Editor/New'/></Neq></Query>";  
         sPAlert.AlertFrequency = frequency;  
         sPAlert.User = sPUser;  
         sPAlert.List = sPList;  
         sPAlert.Status = SPAlertStatus.On;  
         sPAlert.AlwaysNotify = false;  

Very straightforward really.

It turns out that the issue was where I got the SPUser object from.  Like most programmers I tend to do things consistently and I usually use workflowproperties.Web.EnsureUser(...) to get my SPUser objects.  As it turns out if you get your User Object from a different web then the parent of the list you are attempting to create an alert on you will get this error.  Go figure.

What worked:

SPUser user = list.ParentWeb.EnsureUser("...");
this.SetAlert(user,list,evtType,evtFreq,alertType, true);   


Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 10:34 AM MOSS 2007 , SharePoint , Windows WF | Back to top

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Nice tip. I am having same problem also..Thanks
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