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Data center is basically a center with loads of sensitive and modern computer equipments that basically manages all the data of an organization.

An organization can compromise with interior of their company but definitely not with quality of data servers and other equipments because these days it’s a necessary prerequisite as the best server/ computer equipments you have, the more customers you will have.

With almost every company going on cloud to cut down the resources and time they are spending earlier to maintain the data network outsourcing, the data work is the easiest thing to do where the core business of company isn’t affected.

With so much demand of data centers, here are some interesting facts to know about data center:

1. There are around 5, 09,147 data centers in the world and the total area it acquires is 28,58,31,541 sq ft. nearly that is equivalent to 5,955 football fields.

2. In 2015, 1.2 trillion GB of data got created that is equivalent to 75 Billion 16GB iPods. Roughly every person on earth will have around 10 iPods.

3. The world’s biggest data center is based in Chicago, and is backed up by 53 generators. It utilizes 8.5 million gallons of cooling fluid per year. It is 1.1 million square fit in size and was converted to telecom used back in 1999.

4. The amount of internet online shopping per hour of whole world is equal to GDP of Bulgaria.

5. EPRI says - "For every watt of computer power consumed by a data center, it takes another watt to cool it". Which means around 5-10 MW of power just for cooling a data center.

6. Nowadays even Data centers are highly secured as all the data of banks, companies; govt. organizations are stored at one place. These days, data server companies automatically switch data from one center to another so that no one can know which data is available in which center.

7. Data centers are cooled with cooling fluids and Air conditioners that leaves around 17% carbon footprint.

8. Data center more than 7 years old are considered to be out of date as per green computing norms’ that’s why after every two years, equipment is upgraded to maintain the efficiency of data servers.

9.    Google has 12 data centers all over the planet, 6 of which are in North America. Recent estimations predict that Google has more than 900,000 servers in its data centers around the world in all.

10. Enough information is consumed on internet every hour that can stack up 7 billion DVDs that they had scaled Mt. Everest 95 times.


These days with the E-commerce market scaling up high and startup culture blooming in India, servers are one of the crucial factors which will keep you ahead of competitors.

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