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In what scale of companies do you prefer to work: big or small?
What is your experience? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
It really depends on your personal preferences.

Big Company advantages:
1) Resume bragging rights
2) Excellent training opportunities
3) Established processes and procedures
4) Established profit sharing/bonus schemes
5) Established corporate culture
6) Usually Big companies have more resources

Big Company disadvantages:
1) Too many processes to follow
2) Promotion can be tedious (due to seniority issues)
3) High degree of office politics
4) Difficult to see the big picture
5) feeling of being lost in the big company environment

Small Company advantages:
1) more focused and make decisions more quickly
2) "Family" environment
3) Possibility of fast tracked promotions (based on performance)
4) perform a variety of responsibilities
5) The whole management tree is more likely to be in tune with daily workings and issues
6) Usually have more success in having a bigger positive impact.
Small Company disadvantages:
1) Lack of documentation

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