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Silverlight: How Should I architect my Silverlight App?

Every case is different, of course. But, the general rules are following.

Focus on writing reusable code. We should write code that others will use in other projects you'll find yourself maximizing the reuse and writing better code. We should avoid putting the same code in more than one place. Share your code.

Split the code into separate (DLL) projects and separate them along technology lines. For example, a root library usable in any application. A SilverLight base library built upon that. Different core services in separate libraries, etc. That way you'll be able to use these libraries across projects.

Create a thin SilverLight GUI that connects to a distributed object or objects (WCF service, web service, etc.)
and put the majority of the code in the distributed service(s). Ideally define the services along SOA guidelines.

Mark Caplin wrote an article about developing a loosely coupled Silverlight code using Silverlight's
powerful data binding to objects technology and calling WCF services... 
Mark think most of the application code for a Silverlight application should stay on the server as much as possible.

The Prism (or Composite Application Library CAL) from MS PnP up on codeplex is where we should be looking if we want to seperate our silverlight app into smaller easier downloadable xaps.

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Well done.
I will be waiting for more.
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