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10 Key Skills Architects Must Have to Deliver Value
Architect Roles and Responsibilities

Project architect Does not work at the enterprise level, but must understand the EA context and provide feedback on how EA actually works from the project perspective. Acts as a bridge between enterprise context, business domain, and the project design. Business architect Business goals, strategy, alignment using value chains, Business Motivation Model, context models. Business requirements specified as processes and rules in Business Process Modeling Notation.
Information architect Enterprise semantics and information model. Data flow architecture, enterprise data warehouse. Data models in entity relationship diagrams, database schema, and analytical models.
Application architect Reference architectures, common services, patterns, frameworks. Logical structure and behavior of application in conformance with EA in UML. (At the project level, application architect often is the same as solution architect.)
Technology architect Common technology platform, storage, networks, data center, quality of service. Implementation of project on common platform.

1. Inquire
2. Integrate
3. Analyze
4. Conceptualize
5. Abstract
6. Visualize
7. Formalize
8. Communicate
9. Enable
10. Assist

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10 Key Skills Architects Must Have to Deliver Value
Posted by Michael Rosen, Director, Cutter Consortium Enterprise Architecture Practice

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