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Richard Jones,

So far we have covered some basic principals, a simple database schema to store pass-jobs. Next step is to go about actually tie all this together and generate some passes. I’m being careful to avoid talking ...


This is an application I created back in 2010. I finally decided to release 3 shots from my dev machine…came across it while cleaning up. The application is basically a portal for customers. When a customer ...


I'm moving to a different location and computer for work, so for my own sake (and maybe yours) I'm documenting it here. Time tracking written in Silverlight by my friend ...

Richard Jones,

So now that we’ve established we are going to-do a glorified mail merge to build up our individual passes. The next step is to construct a database that is going to drive the entire process. I’ve built ...


Historically I've not paid much attention to hotfixes or patches, but lately I've decided that I need to change that aspect of my management. I used to create a folder on the server that had the problem, ...