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Concatenating output from a SELECT statement is a pretty basic thing to do in SQL. The main ways to perform this would be to use either the CONCAT() function, the || operator or the + operator. It really all depends on which version of SQL you are using. The following examples use T-SQL (MS SQL Server 2005) so it uses the + operator but other SQL versions have similar syntax.

If you wanted to join two fields together for a full name:

SELECT (lname + ', ' + fname) AS Name
FROM tblCustomers

To add some static text to a value:

SELECT (lname + ' - SS') AS Name
FROM tblPlayers
WHERE PlayerPosition = 6

Or to select some text and an integer together:

SELECT (lname + cast(playerNumber as varchar) AS Name
FORM tblPlayers

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Remember that when you do "cast(playerNumber as varchar)" it is interpreted as "cast(playerNumber as varchar(10))". This could potentially cause problems for very large numbers.
Left by J W on May 20, 2010 4:58 PM

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