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I had wanted to post something this month so I thought I would post a list of applications or add-ons that I have found to be useful. So to get right to it I’ll will start with the add-ons to Firefox I like. For reference I am currently running Firefox version 3.5.6.

  • Adblock Plus – Does what it says and works pretty well.
  • NoScript – It works well but it may block a site’s functionality until you allow that site. Not a big deal for me or you but it may not be the right extension for everyone (I’m thinking the in-laws who ask you to fix their PC).
  • Google’s Advertising Cookie Opt-out – Permanently opt out of the DoubleClick cookie that Google uses. A link about the extension is here.
  • All-in-One Gestures – I started using mouse gestures years ago with Firefox (it might have even been Phoenix at the time). This is probably the one extension that I can not live without.
  • Firebug – Very helpful for debugging web pages.
  • PlainOldFavorites – This one does a great job helping me keep my favorites the same in both IE and Firefox. It adds a Favorites item to the menu, so if you add a new link there in IE it will be there in Firefox.
  • Tiny Menu – I really like to minimize the various tool bars in browsers to get the most screen real estate I can for the actual content on the page. This one moves the menu items to one that is vertically stacked. The space I save can then be used for navigation buttons, address box, etc.

Outside of Firefox there are a few applications that I find useful as well. I am not counting major applications like Office, VS, SSMS, etc just the helper applications I like to use.

  • Filezilla – A good FTP program
  • CCleaner – Helps clean up temp files from many programs and browsers. It also has a registry cleaner as well.
  • IZArc – A nice utility for zipping/unzipping files. It supports a ton of different formats.
  • Notepad++ – A really neat text editor that has support for many different languages.
  • Paint.NET – A much more comprehensive take on Paint.
  • Stickies – A handy virtual sticky note program.
  • Windows Live Writer – A good blog writing application.


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