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With Microsoft’s recommendation to use server core for Hyper-V systems, I have been seeing a lot of server core lately. With that in mind, I am posting how I set up a Server Core system (after base OS install).


1. Login to you Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Core system

2. Run sconfig from the command line. This will bring up the Server configuration text user interface shown below.


3. From the Sconfig interface, set the following

  • Network Settings (option 8)
  • Date and Time (if needed) (option 9)
  • Remote Management options (option 4)
    • Allow MMC Remote Management (option 1)
    • Allow Windows PowerShell (option 2) – asks for reboot
    • Allow Server Manager Remote Management (option 3)
  • Remote Desktop (option 7)
  • Computer Name (option 2) – reboot necessary
  • Domain / Workgroup (option 1) – reboot necessary

4. Once the system comes back up, connect to the C drive administrative share (\\<servername>\c$) and copy over Core Configurator 2.0 and the Sysinternals Tool Suite into a tools folder.

5. Run Core Configurator 2.0 – cscript Start_Coreconfig.wsf

  • Prompts for installation of the NetFx-ServerCore Feature
  • Prompts for installation of the Powershell Feature


6. Select Computer Settings


7. Select Add or Remove Roles

8. Select Microsoft-Hyper-V Role to install – requires reboot.

9. Now you can manage the Hyper-V system remotely with the Hyper-V Manager MMC or Server Manger MMC


Thanks for reading!


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Thanks for the info, I had never done this before and never found the core config utilities. This will be great for future setups.
Left by Justin Garrison on Jan 22, 2013 4:10 PM

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