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Man I love InfoPath.  I've only used it a bit, but the whole XML in the background, generate your own schema or use one to start with, then save or submit to W/S - it just is cool!  I bet the productivity of those who use it regularly is off the charts.  On the "oh crap" side is the fact that everyone needs to purchase a copy to use it (there is a web version but that's different).

So when a new project required disconnected forms based input, I looked to Adobe LiveCycle Forms ES.  Just the mention of this I knew I was in for a trip down the Amazon (think snakes and quick sand).  So I downloaded the 1 month trial, and within 5 minutes was emailing the XML output from a completed form.  WOW!  it's almost perfect.  All I need is to change that to SAVE the XML and we've got out Disconnected scenario.  Enter snakes and quicksand.  It doesn't exist.  You need a copy of Adobe LiveCycle Forms ES on each laptop to save a form's data to XML.  There is even talk of licensing terms which limit a forms use to X number of activities. 

The form is like an app - treat it that way.  Why can a dev tool like VB create an app to be freely distributed, but a dev tool that creates forms cannot?

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