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I've been trying work with load testing in VSTS for Testers against what I thought would be a nice simple application, the .NET Pet Shop 4.0 application.  In trying to run the application I hit a Server Error in '/Web' Application - Configuration Error.  It pointed to the ShoppingCartProvider section of the web.config.  Stare as I would, nothing looked wrong.  Debugging the code seemed even stranger as no true line of code produced the error.  I started peeling back code, even adding my own profile provider to replace the shopping cart.  The loading of the DAL assembly seemed to somehow trigger this.  AH HA!  the appSettings had this:

<add key="ProfileDAL" value="PetShop.SQLProfile.DAL"/>

instead of this:

<add key="ProfileDAL" value="PetShop.SQLProfileDAL"/>


Here is where this stuff kills me.  Sure I can switch between SQL Server and Oracle (which I do Wednesdays and Fridays), but I hate, absolutely HATE, that I loose the simple fact that if I had but one DAL this would have been a simple compiler error!

Posted on Sunday, March 9, 2008 9:30 PM | Back to top

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