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My blog has gotten really stale, so here's a quick attempt to bring it up to date.

Earlier this year I got the opportunity to go to work with a really great guy from the .Net community named Rusty Zarse ( over at Rusty had a great team of agile developers who were cranking out this great website for ConsumerSource. I jumped at the opportunity, but didn't leave my BizTalk behind.  I've started a side company (Enterprise Integration Solutions) where I still do a lot with BizTalk.

As is so common with large companies, mergers and acquisitions changed the landscape of the job and my position.  Rusty left to go bang out some awesome code for The rest of our team was absorbed into the team of developers from  We tossed aside the codebase for Rentals and started adding features to the RentClicks codebase (the hover-over effect on the nation map on the homepage is mine, but the rest of my handiwork is behind the scenes).  I stuck with Rentals through the whole website transformation and then took a lateral transfer to

I still keep up with whats going on with Rentals... the new Senior Living section and the transformation to support Spanish are really impressive.

So that brings things up to the present.  Now back to the technical stuff.  There's some new BizTalk training materials out that are well worth looking into:

Also check out the WPF/WCF/WWF powerpoint slides while you're there. Posted on Friday, September 21, 2007 4:24 PM | Back to top

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