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Hi there,

Microsoft is hosting the first edition of their annual TechReddy conference. TechReady is an internal Microsoft conference but Microsoft invited Tellago Studios to present a session about how to enable Agile SOA Governance on the Microsoft platform using our recently release product: SO-Aware.

As part of our session, we will take a look at the current challenges that organizations face when enabling SOA governance capabilities on the Microsoft platform and how organizations can benefit from  more agile, lightweight and modern SOA governance models.

The session will provide a practical view to the role of Tellago Studios' SO-Aware as an essential technology to enable native SOA governance on the Microsoft platform. We will explore in detail important capabilities of SO-Aware such as

  • Centralized service repository
  • Centralized configuration management
  • Service testing
  • Monitoring
  • Transparent integration with technologies such as Visual Studio, BizTalk Server, Windows Server & Azure AppFabric among many others

But the fun doesn't stop there.....

As part of this session, we will showcase for the first time our upcoming SO-Aware Test Workbench product which enables load and functional web service testing capabilities on the Microsoft technology stack.

SO-Aware Test Workbench provides developers with a visually rich environment to model and control the execution of load and functional tests in a SOA infrastructure. This tool includes the first native WCF load testing engine allowing developers to transparently load test applications built on Microsoft's service oriented technologies such as WCF, BizTalk Server or the Windows Server or Azure AppFabric.


posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 11:30 AM