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And the day is Today. Today Tellago launches its new sister company “Tellago Studios” which focuses on developing Enterprise Software’s. The basic motive of the company is to convert the lessons we learn in our day to day life working with our customers while providing them Enterprise Software Solutions into new Enterprise Software. Many times using current technologies we feel that something is missing. What if we can also do this with this technology. We at Tellago, have this passion for innovation and finally today we have our one such product “SO-Aware” out.
So what is SO-Aware?
SO-Aware is a Web Services repository that enables the cataloging, management, monitoring and testing of Web Services. Contrasted against the complexity of traditional UDDI-centric SOA governance products, SO-Aware uses a simple and unique design based on the principles of REST and OData which enables the manipulation of service artifacts using standard http verbs like GETs or POSTs. Whether SO-Aware can manage Web Services developed on any technology stack, it excels in the management of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) solution enabling capabilities that are very needed in enterprise SOA-WCF solutions. Specifically, the first version of SO-Aware focuses on the following aspects:
· Service cataloging: SO-Aware provides the infrastructure to organize different versions of web services using a simple category-based taxonomy. SO-Aware extends these capabilities beyond traditional SOAP services by supporting REST and OData  services.
· Centralized configuration management: SO-Aware provides a creative model for the centralization and configuration of WCF services and endpoints that removes the need for maintaining large and complex configuration files. Additionally, SO-Aware facilitates the modeling and creating of configuration artifacts such as bindings or behaviors in a way that is accessible to non-WCF  experts.
· Testing: The first release of SO-Aware includes a sophisticated testing subsystem that enables the testing of WCF services. The tests created using SO-Aware can either be executed on-demand using the management portal or periodically using the test scheduling system. Additionally, SO-Aware tracks the execution of tests and enables specific analytics that help testers and members of IT operations teams accurately monitor the behavior of the  tests.
· REST-OData API: SO-Aware is 100% OData centric. In that sense, every capability of SO-Aware from service cataloging to testing is accessible through simple HTTP interfaces using OData as the encoding mechanism.
· Service activity monitoring: SO-Aware enables a simple model for tracking the message flow for the various services in your SOA. Using this information, SO-Aware provides specific analytics that help to accurately describe the runtime behavior of services.
· Dependency modeling: Services that depend on other services are very common in SOA environments. SO-Aware enables developers and architects to model the dependencies between services using a simple visual interface included in the management  portal.
· Management Portal: SO-Aware is 100% OData centric. In that sense, every capability of SO-Aware from service cataloging to testing is accessible through simple HTTP interfaces using OData as the encoding mechanism.
· PowerShell provider: SO-Aware can be completely managed using a scripting environment based on Windows PowerShell. The current version of SO-Aware includes a PowerShell provider that contains a large number of commands that abstract the different SO-Aware capabilities.
Five Reasons why SO-Aware is Different:
-Participatory Governance
-Centralizes metadata not messaging
-Manages service artifacts like WSDL, Policies, but also includes WCF Specific artifacts like Bindings and Behaviors.
-Provides for scheduled and on-demand testing.
-Provides a simple, intuitive and highly interoperable REST Odata-based API model
We have bunch of introductory videos for the SO-Aware.
We are having the Express Edition of SO-Aware free. Yep free. You can download it here. This edition is limited to 5 services. We encourage the WCF folks to try SO-Aware and give us valuable feedback.
You can contact us to know more details about the product or if you want to give us feedback.
Happy SO-Awaring....!!!
posted on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 11:17 AM


# re: TellagoStudios is lanched today with its first product SO-Aware 7/29/2010 9:43 AM jessicachistova
The ultimate use of this is it can give you tremendous productivity gains at the place where it is used.It is now recently launched so will take a bit of time for its publicity but will take a nice place in the market.

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