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BizTalk Interview Questions for a senior level position. Basically for a position in which one is involved in Designing and later develop the Solution himself.

Update(02/05/2014): This was a very old post and I havent got chance to update this but meanwhile in the BizTalk community, there are really good Q&A on BizTalk interview. Below are few direct links.

1.         What is Biztalk Server? Since when are you working on BizTalk?

2.         What versions of Biztalk Server have you worked on?

3.         What is the difference between 2004, 2006 and 2006R2?

4.         Did you get chance to work on BizTalk 2009 version? If yes what difference you saw in it from R2 and what enhancements Microsoft has made in it?

5.         Tell me about BizTalk Server architecture?

6.         Tell me about any engagement which you rate top most while working as BizTalk developer and why?

7.         Most Imp: Tell about a project which was most challenging to you and how you overcame it?

8.         What do you hate about BizTalk Solution development and which you would like to improve in upcoming versions?

9.         How you do testing with your BizTalk Solutions and what tools or methods you use?

10.       How do you debug any errors occurring in BizTalk Solution?

11.       How do you debug an assembly used in Orchestration?

12.       Which way you find most efficient debugging Biztalk Solutions and why?

13.       Were you involved in designing BizTalk Solutions? If yes than what kinds of architecture you have designed?

14.       What design patterns you follow for designing solutions with BizTalk in it?

15.       What do you know about Itinerary based routing architecture?

16.       Did you ever got chance to work on ESB's? If yes, tell me more about it?

17.       Tell about BizTalk Solution development lifecycle?

18.       What kinds of Integrations you have done with BizTalk Server?

19.       What challenges you faced while designing and developing a Biztalk solution which involved multiple non MS platform technologies? How did you overcome them?

20.       What different kinds of Adapters you have worked on?

21.       Have you worked on SAP Adapters? Why did you opt using SAP adpaters instead of communicating with Web Services?

22.       Have you worked on integration in any of your engagements? If than tell me more about it.

23.       What challenges you faced while working with

24.       Have you worked on EDI documents? What kind of EDI documents have you worked on?

25.       What different types of industries you have worked on? Which one you found most challenging and why?

26.       Were you involved in developing Custom components for BizTalk Solutions? If yes than what were those?

27.       Have you developed and used any Custom Pipeline Components? If yes than how did you develop them and later used in BizTalk Solution? Challenges you faced using custom pipeline components?

28.       What kind of environments you have worked on?

29.       Have you worked on environments containing multiple BizTalk box installed? If yes than what different kinds of configurations were there?

30.       Were you involved in administrating Biztalk solutions?

31.       Tell me how you deploy your BizTalk solutions? Do you use any tools or API's for deployment?

32.       How do you deploy your solution on multiple BizTalk boxes easily and efficiently? What issues have you faced doing that?

33.       Have you worked with Business Rules Engine? Tell me about the BRE architecture?

34.       How does a rule gets actually fired or processed in an orchestration?

35.       Have you worked with Business Rules apart from using them in Orchestrations?

36.       What are the different ways you can call a Business Rule in Orchestration? Which way you find most efficient and why?

37.       Have you worked with BAM? What is BAM and why did you use in your particular project?

38.       How did you develop a Biztalk solution with BAM in it?

39.       What deployment steps you apply to deploy BAM?

40.       Which are different BAM Databases? Have you manually deleted any BAM data? If yes than how?

41.       What is the easiest way to develop a schema from an given XML message?

42.       Have you worked on a architecture having WCF Services? If yes than tell me more about that architecture?

43.       How would you rate using Web Services over WCF Services in BizTalk solution? Why?

44.       Have you ever exposed you BizTalk Solution as a Service? How?

45.       Have you ever felt that using BizTalk at a place was not a good option?

46.       What types of different capabilities of BizTalk Server you have worked on?

47.       What do you know about transactions in BizTalk Solutions? What is Atomic/Long Running transaction? When do you use them and when not?

48.       How do you handle your exceptions occurring in BizTalk Solutions? Do you follow any particular standard to handle exceptions?

49.       What are the most important things to keep in mind while designing BizTalk Solution Architecture?

50.       What size of architectures you have worked on and how many multiple Enterprise Systems were involved in it? How much time it took for you to design and develop it? What was the team structure for that engagement?

posted on Friday, June 19, 2009 4:34 PM


# re: BizTalk Server Interview Questions...!!!!! 7/7/2009 1:30 AM Manish Singh
Thank u

# re: BizTalk Server Interview Questions...!!!!! 6/5/2011 7:15 PM Sravani
This is a very good collection of questions....
It would have been more pleasing if u posted the answers too ...
Can u provide the answers??please

# re: BizTalk Server Interview Questions...!!!!! 7/6/2011 4:27 PM CShah
Can you possibly post or blog on collection of WCF questions and answers ? Thanks

# re: BizTalk Server Interview Questions...!!!!! 7/6/2011 6:54 PM Vishal
There are already tons of them people have blogged about.

# re: BizTalk Server Interview Questions...!!!!! 4/15/2013 2:21 AM dhanavel
BizTalk Server Interview question

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