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Preamble: The Homes for Hackers house in Kansas City had Google Fiber installed last Tuesday. We immediately saw hard-wired speeds of ~700mbps up and down. CRAZY fast.

(screenshot courtesy of @mikedemarais from

I was talking with a colleague and both of us have no idea what to do with that much bandwidth. Then I received this text this morning:


“Good morning. My name is Seth and I am extremely interested in being able to use your Google fiber internet. My cousin and I live here in KC and are avi”

…<new text>

“d tennis shoe collectors. At 7am tomorrow Nike is releasing an exclusive shoe online thru a Twitter link that no stores in KC will be receiving. We bel”

“ieve that the best way to be able to ensure our ability to get these shoes would be through Google fiber, but we don’t have the opportunity to get it at”


“our homes. We would be more than willing to pay a fee to use your internet for our shoe excursion if you would consider letting us either rent a room for “


“this evening or just use the fiber in the morning. If you would consider this request it would make two guys EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! lol”


Needless to say, Seth will be enjoying fiber speeds (for free) tomorrow morning and I wish him all the best in his entrepreneurial sneaker effort. After all, encouraging people to fully exploit Google Fiber to it’s potential was one of the primary motivations for the Homes for Hackers program.


That begs the question though: What would YOU use fiber speeds for?

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