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Selecting checkboxes inside the GridView control is a very common operation and that is why I have several articles and videos dedicated to this subject.

Selecting CheckBoxes Inside GridView With a Twist

VIDEO: Selecting CheckBoxes Inside GridView

Recently, I was playing around with JQuery library and thought of implementing the same scenario using the library. Here is the code used to perform the SelectAll and DeSelectAll function.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

        // I don't like this line!    
        this.checked = !(this.checked == true);
        $("#gvCategories input:checkbox").attr("checked",function()
            this.checked = !(this.checked == true);

Yup! that's all the code you need to perform this operation. If you think you can even refactor this out then please post your refactorings at Selecting CheckBoxes Inside the Table.

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