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For the past couple of days I have been working on a new website called The purpose of the website is that user's can submit their code and other users can help to improve the existing code hence, refactoring the code. Below you can read the "About" section of the RefactorCode website.

Refactoring is a technique to change the existing ugly code and make it beautiful without changing the workings of the code.
In short, making the code suck less!

Our website RefactorCode is developed to help developers refactor the code, therefore improving programming skills and overcome many challenges one faces when coding. You can submit your ugly code and other developers can find ways to improve it.

Presenting to you, your very own refractor code station!

The website is currently in BETA version but you will still be able to post your code and get refactorings. I would like to thank Steven Smith for his help in coming up with a nice logo and Ben Scheirman for his help and contributions.


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