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This (04/15/2008) was a fun day! It started out with breakfast where the only thing I could eat was muffins so I ate two of them. I had breakfast with Venkat Subramaniam. We talked a little bit about what we are working on and what exciting things are happening in the technology field. Later during the breakfast I spotted Sahil Malik. A gentleman that I am I immediately went to him and told him about his great book about the ADO.NET framework. 

The first session was about Silverlight which was given by none other than Scott Guthrie. Scott showed some new cool stuff that is coming out in Silverlight 2.0 (sorry I can’t talk about it J). The next session was about Silverlight Controls given by Bertrand Le Roy. The session involved creating a Silverlight control and other cool stuff. The next session was about the ASP.NET MVC framework which was given by Scott Hanselman and Phil Haack. Now, this session was super awesome. Phil was playing the role of developer and Scott was basically keeping it REAL. Scott is a very good presenter since he always makes the audience relax with his calculated jokes and comments. Here is my picture with Scott Hanselman and Phil Haack before the presestation. 
 MVP 052


The next session was about developing data driven applications using “Dynamic Website”. When this session started I immediately addressed the product team and told them that they have done an awesome job on the product and it has reduced my work about to about 90 percent. The Dynamic Website team discussed the new version of the product which contains some cool features. I have always liked the ASP.NET Dynamic Website project and have blogged about it several times. 

   1. Dynamic Website is Awesome!
   2.   Using Multiple Databases with the Dynamic Website Project.


The day ended with a dinner with the product team. I made some new friends Jose Raul Guerrero Carreon, Carlos Figueroa and Fauzan Khan. All of them are posters on the forums. Ohh yeah! I got my picture with Scott Guthrie which is shown below. 
MVP 091 

The great thing about Scott Guthrie is that he is always happy to meet people. I felt a little strange when Scott asked me about the LINQ to SQL presentation which I gave in Houston couple of days back. I was amazed that he reads all the blogs and stuff and stay updated with the latest happenings. 

Here are some other people that I know and I saw at the MVP Summit 2008: 

Kris Vandermast, Terri Morton, Rocky Lhotka (he was on the phone the whole time hope everything is good!), Peter Blum, Ryan Olsan, Joe Stagner, Brad Abrams, Ayende Rahien, Richard Cambell,  Steven Smith, Jeffrey Palermo, John Paul Budhoo, Scott Allen, John Papa, John Galloway, Rob Connery (I think), Scott Allen, Sara Ford and many many more! 

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It is a not very well known secret that there are 4 scott guthrie's, one does conferencing, one writes code, one reads everyone else's blogs and keeps up with technologies, and one manages to write

Also, all 4 of them can fly, and melt metal with their gaze, shoot fireballs from their long arms, and drive women crazy with their touch.

Oh and nice meeting you too.
Left by Sahil Malik on Apr 19, 2008 9:38 AM

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