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Yesterday (June 22nd 2006) I spend my whole day at work fixing my laptop. For some reason it was throwing the Video Card Error. After I fixed it then it started throwing the memory error. Finally, I removed the 1GB RAM and booted the computer and it worked fine. It is very hard to give up 1GB RAM :(. Now my computer is running only 512 MB which is pretty slow.

My colleages told me to FORMAT the harddrive but formatting is always the last option on my list. Not because I will loose all my precious data but also because I have to re-install every thing again which will take 1-2 days.

I am also thinking of downloading (MSDN Subscription) and using the Visual Studio.NET 2005 Team Suite Edition. Maybe it does not have BUGS and errors which Visual Studio.NET 2005 Profressional contains.


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