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I cranked up some code to make a google suggest like functionality using AJAX. Check out the image below:

Google Suggest using AJAX

Although its not perfectly working but you can get an idea how the things work and you can enhance it.

Here is the JavaScript code:

<script language = "javascript"> 

function GetWords(pressevent,myVal) 
var charCode = (pressevent.which) ? pressevent.which : (

// Check for the enter key
if(charCode!= 13) 
if(charCode == 32) 

// Put the value from the from the DIV into the TextBox 
var word = document.getElementById("MyDiv").innerHTML; 
value = word.substring(0,word.length - 4); 

function GetWords_CallBack(response) 
    document.getElementById("MyDiv").innerHTML = response.

For the complete article please visit:


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