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DB2: How do I get the Column Definitions, Column Descriptions?

These general statements will get you the information that you're looking for:SELECT TABLE_CAT, TABLE_SCHEM, TABLE_NAME, COLUMN_NAME, DATA_TYPE, TYPE_NAME, COLUMN_SIZE, COLUMN_TEXTFROM "SYSIBM"."SQLCOLUMNS"WHERE TABLE_SCHEM = 'YourSchema' AND TABLE_NAME = 'YourTableName'This will get you the definitions of the columns:SELECTt.table_schema as Library,t.table_name,t.tabl... as Length,c.numeric_precision as Precision,c.numeric_scale ......

How do I do a SELECT TOP in SQL for DB2 on an iSeries (Power7) ?

This answer depends on what version of SQL you're running. A FETCH clause will work for all. Here's an example:SELECT FLBILC, FLDATE, FLTCK#, FLCST# FROM PRDMETRO.FLHISTAF WHERE FLBILC = 'CMD' ORDER BY FLBILC FETCH FIRST 10 ROW ONLY;The equivalent in T-SQL would be:SELECT TOP 10 FLBILC, FLDATE, FLTCK#, FLCST# FROM PRDMETRO.FLHISTAF WHERE FLBILC = 'CMD'; ......

How do I Install IBM Data Studio 4.1 ?

The download for this workbench is large--somewhere around 1.2 gb. Finding the install exe for linux or windows isn't clear. Basically this download appears to be from a 2 disk distributable set of *.ISO files. Ignore all the distraction scripts in the core directory. Delve into \ibm_ds410_lin64 (I downloaded the 64 bit version) . Look for a directory called Disk1. There you will find the installer images for Windows and Linux.Here's a visual image of what the directory will look like ......