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Richard Bedwell June 2012 Entries
AT&T - Customer service hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Okay, I'm a separated 2 time Iraq war veteran, living in Germany Supporting the military. About a year and a hald ago I bought an iPhone 4 off a guy from Craigslist. I thought the phone was unlocked, but when I got to Germany I realized it was not. I called AT&T and they told me that due to the contract with Apple they could not unlock any iPhone period. After the lawsuit with Apple, they started unlocking iPhones. So Today I called up their customer support and asked if they could unlock my ......

Posted On Thursday, June 14, 2012 5:06 PM

Something in the world of Firewall Hosted SSL VPN's
I run a Physical firewall at my residence. Call me paranoid, but I appreciate the added security. I have been working to get the VPN to work properly, but had until today not managed this. I worked with ensuring that the VPN configurations were correct, that the port filters were correct, I could connect to the Firewall GUI, but never to the VPN. Turns out that in W7, if you add a key, it suddenly works.Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_M... DWORD(32-bit) ......

Posted On Tuesday, June 12, 2012 12:53 PM

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