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I have had a couple of discussions with some former co-workers in the past couple of weeks regarding "what I am doing now", and each one of them seems to have the same "whoa, thats different" comment on it. To be honest, I felt the same way. It really seems like over the past 7-8 years, Microsoft has gone against the grain of what they had been doing back in the traditional ASP days, in continuing to produce new technologies (.Net Framework / ASP.Net / Atlats / AJAX / XAML / WPF / WCF / Silverlight / MVVM / I know I am missing some, and I won't event go into the language derivations that can be used with .Net), And they have been modifying them at a pretty good pace too .  I know for a long time ASP/SQL was the standard for Microsoft based web development.  Yes it was buggy and had nothing you could really call OOP, but if you knew VB, you could transition to writing ASP in a weekend, and the only curveballs that you normally had to deal with were the permissions that someone else set, or the 3rd party tools they felt were necessary.  Debugging involved strategically placed Response.Write and Response.End; but you knew what you were writing.

Now, you have multiple overlapping/intertwined standards, in a couple of OOP based languages. I know that I had my head down coding and pretty much missed out on WPF/WCF when they were announced. Honestly about the time they were released I was just starting to feel that I had done enought ASP.Net (C#) to say that I was "good" at it.  (Side note, I don't know how long I pushed to get myself involved in .Net development in the corporate environment, but was handicapped by the workload of maintaining mountains of existing traditional ASP code.  The phrase "we just need a couple of new features" usually snowballed into a "I really should just re-write this" so many times I have lost count.  But without managerial buy-in it really wasn't an option.  It took some major corporate changes at my last job before someone said, we need to re-write everything that license was given to start going back and re-coding apps.)  Either way, I digress.  WIth all the tech that Microsoft has produced in the past couple of years, I feel that they have not really laid a solid foundataion of "In situation A use Tech A, in situation B, etc".  I know that if you don't at least keep yourself abreast of what is being produced and have some idea of how it might help you, you are hurting yourself.  I don't have time to really read everything that is produced on the differect topics, but have found a couple that I think are good, and might help with some overviews.

ASP.Net vs WPF discussion:

Reasons For Choosing WPF Over ASP.NET For Our Very Large Project:


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