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I have been a developer for over 10 years, and at one point or another completely relied on the knowledge of someone with more experience than I had to make something work.  I figure that it's time for me to start giving back.

As background, I am a Microsoft technology based developer currently working in WCF/WPF/XAML, although I have only been doing this type of development for a little while now.  I have a solid background that covers ASP.Net (C#/VB.Net), Traditional ASP, Javascript, custom AJAX development (written my own libraries, as well as used others), Old School VB (5-6), SQL Server (going back several versions), Oracle, MS Access.  I have also played around (smaller projects without lots of dev time) with PHP, MySQL, and Java.

Going forward, I will try to concentrate on posting solutions to problems that I encounter on a daily basis, including the source of the fix (link/person), and probably an explanation of what level of idiot I feel like when I discover the answer.

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