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I enjoyed listening to Databases in Continuous Delivery with Enrico Campidoglio on .Net Rocks and learning about tools to do CD with databases. I’ve looked at how to have the database schema in source control so that you can rebuild your database at a moments notice for different environments. The options we’ve came across as a team have included Database Projects In Visual Studio, Code First Migrations with Entity Framework, manually creating the scripts using Visual Studio’s data compare tools (tools > Sql Server > New Data or New Schema compare), and RedGate’s SQL Compare (which comes with a price).

We still haven’t made progress on automating changing the database in builds (see Agile Maturity Model defined by ThoughtWorks Inc.) and then having a practiced, low stress, automated way to update the production environment as well. The .Net Rocks podcast was a good discussion and pointed out some tools that look worth looking into. The comments mentioned a few as well.

Enrico Campidoglio’s talk at NDC London 2014

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