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We’ve been talking about how to improve workflow between designers and developers for web applications. Our designer is learning HTML and CSS, but is not proficient in it yet. I’ve worked with several in the past how are great at creating things in Photoshop and designing a page, but all they can hand off is a static image. Prototyping is another thing that can be very valuable skill for a designer and developer to be able to do. I’ve worked with a designer that used Blend to create different prototypes and even show the iterations of change. This is very helpful for talking about application design and getting buy in from the Product Owner.

I like how Webflow works, but my free trial ran out. I would like there to be more availability to view and edit the HTML.

I found several options from a Stackoverflow question.

There's also Blend from MS that is geared towards Windows 8 apps (have to have Windows 8 installed), which creates HTML. – shows promise. I wonder if there will be AngularJS integration in the future? – good for getting feedback from clients. You can make your screenshots interactive.

Some questions about the tools to help make a decision:

  • Does it output useable html that can be passed off?
  • Can you use it to create prototypes quickly?
  • Easy to Use?
  • Integrate with TFS or version control tool?
  • Can you make interactive prototypes?
  • Can you get feedback from users by giving them a link?

What tool are you using?

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