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I just read Leveraging Windows 8 Features with MVVM by Brent Edwards in the July 2013 MSDN magazine. I had skipped it before, because I wasn't as interested in building a Windows 8 app. This article is a great walk through of how to use MVVM to achieve a unit testable application. He also introduces Charmed which is the examples in an open source library. It looks very useful.

Brent also has Writing a Cross-Platform Presentation Layer with MVVM in the September 2013 MSDN magazine article. This shows how to use it to re-use the ViewModels  with Windows Phone 8 and the challenges of cross-platform.

I would be remiss not to mention the article by Laurent Bugnion Using the MVVM Pattern in Windows 8 showing MVVM and the MVVM light framework. I used MVVM light with Silverlight a few years ago and enjoyed using it.

MVVM is a very useful design pattern for a lot of reasons and these articles certainly highlight that.
Posted on Friday, September 20, 2013 1:57 PM Unit Testing , MVVM , Windows 8 , Windows 8 Phone | Back to top

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