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My daughter is sitting on the couch, doing research for an upcoming high school project on her smartphone.

It seems like an uncomfortable way to read that much to me.  "You can use the laptop if you want." I suggest.  The laptop, after all, has a couple of large monitors attached, a higher speed Internet connection, and 8 core CPU, loads of RAM, a mouse & keyboard.

"This is fine."

"I can bring the laptop in if you want it."

"No thanks."

"Do you want to ChromeCast to the TV?"

"No thanks this is fine."


I have preconceived notions about computing and the convenience of various interfaces from my background, but these experiences are not shared with the young generation growing up with access to smartphones and tablets. How many children that use a phone as their primary computing device today will choose to buy a conventional desktop in the future?  Even a laptop?
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