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I recently picked up a new Nexus 7 to help round out my limited set of mobile devices for testing.  Part of the benefit is the ability to remote-debug Chrome on Android from my Windows desktop Chrome install – nice for verifying behavior & checking things like performance timing.

It DOES work, but there were a few less-than-intuitive steps to go through.  Some of these might sound like a joke (tap 7 times?  Set your device to show as a camera?) but the following are the steps and links that got me connected.

**Note that I accepted an upgrade to Android 4.3 before running the following steps.  You should be running the most recent version of Chrome as well (I am currently running v29.0.1). 

1.  Enable USB debugging on the tablet.  On the Nexus, select Settings –> About Phone –> then tap the”Build Number” area 7 times.  (I’m not making this up)  This provides access to developer options on the tablet.

2.  Go back one level to Settings, then select “{ } Developer options” and check the “USB Debugging” option.

3.  Connect the Nexus to your desktop via USB.

4.  In Chrome (still on the tablet) select Settings—>Developer tools (under the “Advanced” section) and check the “Enable USB Web Debugging”.

5.  Back in Windows 8 install the Google USB driver.  I downloaded the driver from  To install run Computer Management, then under Computer Management—> System Tools –> Device Manager, find the Android Device (which originally appeared as Nexus), right click and select “Update Driver Software…”.  In the “Update Driver Software” window I selected “Browse my computer for driver software” and selected the location with the unzipped Google USB driver.

6.  Change Nexus to present itself as a camera (yes camera).  On the tablet choose Settings—>Storage, then choose the menu option at the top of the page (three vertical dots)—>USB computer connection.  On the “USB computer connection” page check the “Camera (PTP)” option.

7.  Install the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) component on desktop Chrome.  This is not possible from Windows 8/Chrome Web Store today (I received the message “This application is not supported on this computer.  Installation has been disabled”) but you can download the component with instructions from  When I clicked this component I received the warning “Apps, extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website” I got around this by downloading the file using IE, opening the chrome://extensions tab in Chrome, then dragging the .CRX file onto the Chrome page.  When the file appears over the Chrome tab the page pops an overlay with a “Drop to Install” tab.  Drop the file, and follow the steps to install the extension.

8. With the ADB component installed you should see a very light grey Android icon in the extension area to the right of your address bar in Chrome.  Click the icon and choose the “Start ADB” menu item.  The Android icon should change from grey to green and show a number for connected devices (if any). Click the icon again, the select the “View Devices” option (which brings up the chrome://inspect tab).

9.  At this point your Nexus/Android device may present a window that reads “Allow USB Debugging?" with the computer RSA key fingerprint.  You can select OK to allow debugging, and you should see an area on the “chrome:inspect” tab for your device/page!  Note you have to have a Chrome page open on the device for it to appear on this page on desktop Chrome.  Choose the page you are interested in & select the inspect link to start debugging.

Links that got me there:

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# re: Debugging from a new Nexus 7 to Chrome/Windows 8
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Thank you so much ! I love Windows 8 a little bit more.
Left by Nekai on Oct 10, 2013 2:49 AM

# re: Debugging from a new Nexus 7 to Chrome/Windows 8
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rsa fingerkey print option wont appear help
Left by anonymus on Nov 14, 2013 3:53 AM

# re: Debugging from a new Nexus 7 to Chrome/Windows 8
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anonymus I would recommend retracing the previous steps to make sure that 1. dev & debugging are turned on and 2. the Google USB driver is installed.
Left by Steve on Nov 15, 2013 2:54 AM

# re: Debugging from a new Nexus 7 to Chrome/Windows 8
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Added bonus: Current build of Chrome (Android) does not have the Developer Options listed in the Advanced section. To get that you have to uninstall updates (God knows what will happen when my device gets 4.4) in order to see it. Upon re-updating the option again disappears, but at least the setting remains...
Left by MrBester on Nov 19, 2013 8:13 AM

# re: Debugging from a new Nexus 7 to Chrome/Windows 8
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I was sup post to be able to download windows 8.0 when I purchase my nexus 7, but with no success. Can you help me?
Left by Jewel May on Dec 24, 2013 10:19 AM

# re: Debugging from a new Nexus 7 to Chrome/Windows 8
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