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I just finished watching David Chappell - The Microsoft Application Platform: A perspective from the Dutch DevDays09 and he definitely raises some interesting points on Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Having been working for the past few years attempting to develop and test somewhat loosely coupled applications and components that expose functionality via specific interfaces and open service endpoints, I definitely see that there is much a greater development cost. Is this truly SOA? I must agree that many would say yes and many would say no. But, I will have to leave that to a later discussion.

As to the cost/benefit analysis, I will definitely leave that to the financial guys who have time for such scrutiny; however, there have been other benefits from utilizing this type of framework. It has been much easier to extend and in some cases completely replace components (even when the underlying application platforms completely changed) with minimal if any impact on other services, components or applications when appropriate governance has been employed. But as he states, it takes strong leadership, guidance and constant evangelism to maintain the momentum and evolution. Is it worth it, only the future (and the finance departmentJ) can say? For our particular scenario, it has proven to be of some benefit.

I will say this. Planned, designed in re-use of a software component has always been an extremely difficult objective and in my experience seldom if ever really occurs (even when you don’t count at least one evolution or iteration that almost always occurs). So, I must agree that the cost of construction and maintenance is always greater when re-use is a primary (and seldom achieved) goal. More often than not, I must agree that the opportunity for re-use only occurs well after the component is obsolete for some reason or has been flagged for replacement for another reason.

So, take a look at this video, it raises several interesting questions on future architectures, application and development platforms and a uniquely David Chappell viewpoint.

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